Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Anna Sui Sample Sale Report

Stopped by Anna Sui last night and the prices were really quite cheap and it wasn't overly crowded. There was some cute stuff but nothing screamed "your life will be incomplete without me"

There were various boxes on the floor sorted by size & type of clothing, but you have to dig through to find what you want. Racks of newer me formed a U around the room.
This sample sale had one big separate fitting room but every woman for herself as place to put your stuff was scarce and the floors were unfinished.

From what I could determine from a quick look around (all prices are approximate):

Screen Tee's from past seasons (some say the year, but not all) $5 - about 4 boxes left
Sample Tee's & Tanks - $10 - about 4 boxes of random items sorted by size
Jean Jackets - $15 - 1 box left
Jean Skirts - $15 - 2 boxes or so
Sweatshirts??? - $25 - 2 boxes
1 Rack of embroidered voile shirt dresses that look very Anna Sui - $25
2 Sample Racks - Random Merch in size 6 from $10-75
Newer Merchandise/Stock by size lining the wall sorted by size with some solo items but sometimes groups of 5 of the same piece per size - Cami $35, Dress $80

For details on where & when click here.

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