Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Now Wearing...

Gray hat - August
Cream blazer - The Limited
Gray tee - American Apparel
Green patterned scarf - no name
Bright blue cropped sweater - Casual Corner, a gift from a friend a few years ago, I'm pretty sure it's a brand for older women

Navy skirt - H&M, normally sits lower on my waist, but I made it high waisted by pulling and holding it up with a belt
Brown belt - Ann Taylor Loft
Blue tights - DKNY
Black & brown flats - Seychelles
Blue bag - Liz Claiborne
Obama pin - Obama Campaign trail in Philly

Looking through the list of brands, I sound like such a mom - Casual Corner, Ann Taylor Loft, Liz Claiborne. Wow, haha!

1 comment:

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