Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Now Wearing...

Floral Polka Dot Dress - Vintage
Pencil Skirt - Johnathan Saunders for Target (My dress can become a bit too short if I belt it, and I didn't feel like wearing leggings! Who says you can't wear a skirt with a dress^.~)
Elastic Belt - No Name
Shoes - Stella McCartney
Woven Purse - Botkier
Necklace - Dominique Cohen for Target


Eric Yu said...

Whoa Erin! Awesome blog. Lots of things to click and stuff. Keep up the good work and hope you're doing well. See you in a bit!

Shelly said...

i wish i were in NY to take advantage of all the deals you list! and to see you of course! ;)

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