Thursday, October 16, 2008

Final Presidential Debate vs Project Runway Finale

Was anyone else surprised slash annoyed that the Project Runway Season 5 finale aired at the same time as the final Presidential Debate? Plus, doesn't Project Runway tradition usually calls for a reunion special in between Part I and Part II of the season finale? There's been some talk in the blogosphere about Bravo trying to sabotage this season of Project Runway after losing the show to Lifetime. But now, the move to Lifetime may be blocked by NBC Universal, the owners of Bravo. You can read all about it at

If you were watching the debate and missed the Project Runway finale, you can view the collections on, but personally, I think has a better gallery. Their pictures are larger, crisper, and head-to-toe shots.

Images courtesy of New York Magazine

Leanne's collection overall was my favorite. It would have been nice to see something other than petals, but it as consistent and beautiful. I loved how each of her pieces had lots of intricate detailing, yet looked effortless and simple. At the start of the season, she seemed like a Built by Wendy, indie casual wear, but by the end of the season, she was creating elegant evening wear and sophisticated silhouettes.

I loved individual dresses from Kenley's collection more than some from Leanne. I was in awe of her quirky and meticulous use of colors, feathers, and patterns, but the collection wasn't as cohesive as the other two and some of the dresses were too stiff.

I was rooting for Korto earlier in the season, but I think she does best with challenges outside of her element. Let to do exactly what she wants, she trends to over design and use satin fabrics. By the way, did anyone notice that she used Danielle "Dani" Evans from America's Next Top Model?


Anonymous said...

hey lani! i did kinda noticed that but i also noticed that she was also usin bianca, one of the "america's next top model" from i think... the last 2 seasons.

i was rootin for leanne and she won! i really loved her design! ><

Anonymous said...

btw, this is asuka lol

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