Monday, February 10, 2014

What's Left, Peter Pilotto x Target

Despite shopping online for most of the collection, I stopped by Target at Atlantic Center yesterday afternoon after the crowds died down. I was surprised to see that quite a bit of merchandise was left. Perhaps with two online channels thanks to the partnership with Net-a-Porter, the true lovers of Pilotto already had their fill.


Sure there were some popular items gone already, only a lonely size 14 of the piped dress was left, the strapless version was nary to be seen, same for the color block Moto jacket or bustier swimsuit. Few remained the black and white wrap skirt and same for the combo check crepe pant. Still, there was still plenty left to satiate the needs of those who don't want to put up with the fight of the early morning crowds.

While there are no color block blazers, there were still of color block cardigans in the blue/white combo that I thought looked pretty fantastic. One piece swimsuits, cotton jersey dresses with a twist front were plentyful as were the color block iris print tanks. There was a plethora of the tops that looked a bit too much like the unitards for cycling.

Also if you were looking for sunglasses you are out of luck but there are plenty of towels and tote bags. Quite a number of slip on shoes available too.

If you didn't make it online around 3:30 am and are a fan of PeterPilotto, there is still plenty left to shop in Brooklyn.

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