Sunday, September 15, 2013

What's Left: Target x Phillip Lim in Brooklyn

So you would think that after being lucky enough to attend the Phillip Lim x Target launch party I would've found enough goodies to satisfy my fashion thirst. Afterall I found myself with the mini Pashli and the Boom sweater dress. Unfortunately that wasn't enough because even at the preview event the merchandise moved fast and I found myself stalking Twitter and like a maniac last night. The first pieces launched just shortly before midnight and slowly as the hours unfolded people were finding one piece at a time available for purchase all while the @TargetStyle Twitter feed claimed that the wait was still on. No wonder by the time it officially went live at 4:17am so many of the pieces were sold out.
Thanks to my stalking I was able to snag the trench coat shortly after midnight but while I was waiting for a few more pieces, lost the lingerie/sleepwear that was in my cart at about 1:47am. This is a good 2 hours plus before the official launch. Feeling a bit of despair at my losses, I decided to forgo the leopard sweater and bleary eyed I headed to bed. By 8:07 am this morning, there was not much left but I sagged the online only leopard travel bag and the camo print men's backpack.
2013-09-15 12.52.57
I decided like a true devotee/fashion slave to hit up not one but two of my local Targets after the frenzy of the early am to see what was left in store.
2013-09-15 12.50.412013-09-15 12.50.532013-09-15 12.50.592013-09-15 12.51.282013-09-15 12.51.042013-09-15 12.51.112013-09-15 12.51.222013-09-15 12.51.55
While Atlantic Avenue was pretty wiped clean it was interesting to see what remained. Guess the navy dress with sequins wasn't that popular or maybe it was the $79.99 price point that kept people at bay but it was available in a multitude of sizes. The crepe dress with embellished neck line also was pretty plentiful in both Blue and Black. Other than that a couple pairs of sweat pants and a few tee shirts with and without embellishment, a few of the sweater dress in grey, the black and white color block shirt dress, cascade ruffle blouses and beaded tuxudo blouses were all that remain. Sizes tend to mostly be available in XL and Large, although there were some Small, Medium and XS to be found
After refueling with a quick bite, the Target in Brooklyn Junction was my next stop.
2013-09-15 14.01.13
I was surprised to see that this Target didn't fare much better and was almost as equally wiped out by 2pm. There was more menswear on hand at this location. However they did have some different selection of merchandise than the Atlantic Terminal Target although some repetition of some of the more seemingly unpopular items. The embellished neck was also available here in blue and black but not as plentiful. The embellished tee in grey heather and the ruffle front sleeveless blouse was also available here. There were a lot more XS and Small sizes left at this location.
2013-09-15 14.01.182013-09-15 14.01.242013-09-15 14.02.062013-09-15 14.01.32
Unlike the Atlantic terminal, I spotted several menswear pieces here including a lone pair of tuxedo pants, several color block pique tees, marled knit cardigans and 3 or 4 trenches in sizes Small to Large
2013-09-15 14.01.412013-09-15 14.01.472013-09-15 14.02.152013-09-15 14.02.242013-09-15 14.04.052013-09-15 14.04.52
What this location had that the other Target didn't was the embellished neck peplum blouses and one lonely floral print peplum blouse. The sizes were mixed but what was leftover at this location tended to run smaller. A woman wistfully offered me up a color block black/white dress which she thought was too adorable for words saying it should fit me.
2013-09-15 14.05.132013-09-15 14.05.302013-09-15 14.18.38
I spotted a couple girls with baskets full of the last hint of leopard I could see at the store and several other items as they made their final decisions as to what to keep or return. It looked like they were keeping most of the scores.
2013-09-15 14.34.27
One thing I noticed while I was at check out, without any Phillip Lim sleepwear, was a sign asking that guests limit themselves to 2 of the same item. This looks very similar to H&M's designer collaboration policies. Probably an attempt to stave off any e-bay resellers and hoarders from taking over but judging by what was leftover, I am guessing those attempts were in vain. Staffers report that neither Target is likely to re-stock but you may want to pop by after a few days or so when the returns start to flood in.

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cousin mgk said...

yay! you got the sweet trench coat! happy b-day to you! i popped into the Yonge and Steeles Target in the early evening and the guy in the clothing department was kind enough not to laugh at me. 200+ early birds queued at the crack of dawn this a.m. and that kind of effort should be rewarded with all sorts of Phillip Lim gummies.

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