Monday, May 6, 2013

Maison Kitsuné Anniversary Party

2013-05-02 19.24.22
I stopped by the Maison Kitsuné anniversary party last week celebrating the store's one year mark in New York City. The 1000 square foot store is located at the NoMad Hotel on Broadway and 28th Street and has brought it's signature chic and preppy heritage of the French and American cultures that inspire the brand. The store itself was envisioned as an engaging experience in fashion, music, design and lifestyle. It is modelled after a Parisian apartment and has a inviting, clean feel.
2013-05-02 19.20.052013-05-02 19.15.492013-05-02 19.16.17
As for the party itself, it coincided with the brands release of the Kitsuné AMERICA 2 compilation. Party goers were treated to some of the tunes from the CD that you can listen to below:

The crowd was fashionable and busy chatting up a storm while drinking cocktails with cucumber and anise. It was a chill scene with guests including Nick Wooster and the Sartorialist, Scott Schuman.
2013-05-02 19.17.232013-05-02 19.23.222013-05-02 19.20.202013-05-02 19.23.28

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