Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Try: Make Up For Ever Pro Finish

I am a bit of a lazy girl when it comes to make-up, the simpler the better, despite my love of products, since I can't wake up in the morning I can't be bothered with anything that takes a lot of time in the morning. That is why when I first tried powder/mineral make-up I was hooked. However I was soon turned off it for the winter months because my face becomes insanely dry and most powders / mineral make-up has the tendency to make me look chalky and flaky and not at all attractive. So for a long while I switched to tinted moisturizer. A few months ago I was given the chance to try out Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation and I had my doubts. I was fearful of looking chalky and gross but boy was I pleasantly surprised to learn that this product seems to be immune to those typical powder make-up failures.

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish is formulated in a unique way using vegetal coated bio-mimetic pigments. This unique formulation makes it customizable to the look that you want. You can apply it dry for a matte finish and moderate coverage or for a satin finish with sheer coverage, apply it wet. The formulation never clumps up or gets cake-y. The powder foundation has a velvety texture that blends in very naturally into skin for a lightweight and natural look. While it can't cover up cystic acne (what really can?), it makes the overall texture of my skin look more even, my pores minimized and I feel that my skin has a natural glow that is often covered up by make-up. If you are looking for full coverage, I don't think this is your answer. However, if you are a lazy make-up girl like myself, or need a touch-up on the run, this is the perfect compact to slip into your purse. This really is the perfect product for those days when I ran out the door so fast that I forgot to put on make-up. It is a product that revives tired makeup before running on a date afterwork and makes a difference with how put together I feel. The compact case has a good sized mirror and a separate compartment to store your foam sponge with air holes so if you use the product wet, the sponge can dry easily without fear of getting moldy. Overall from practical packaging to product quality I am won over. It is the perfect answer for lazy make-up girls like myself who are on the go.

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