Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fellas Be a Bombfell: Pop that Color

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A couple weeks ago I found myself at the Bombfell offices in midtown Manhattan. First off you might be thinking, what exactly is Bombfell? Bombfell is a subscription based menswear service that makes looking good easy with clothes picked just for you keeping in mind your preferences and body type by a stylist. It's meant to make men into the male equivalent of a bombshell! Hello Bombfell! You set your budget, can cancel or skip a month and there is free shipping both ways. Shopping made truly easy for those who don't have the time or don't like to dwell on fashion but still look good.

So I found myself immersed in row-upon-row of neatly organized menswear product from woven shirts, knit polos to sport coats and hoodies. Essentially everything the modern man needs to look pulled together.

I went through the new merchandise and picked out some of my favorite pieces. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a big proponent of color. My life changed from me being a shy wallflower who wanted nothing more than to blend into the background to being the confident and happier woman that I am, my wardrobe certainly reflects it. Color can make just about anything better.

I know a lot of men are a bit color-phobic but there is nothing like a bit of color to lift an outfit or make a man stand out from his peers, in the right way. A bit of color exudes confidence, comfort in ones own skin and a fun personality. What could be sexier? Add just one colorful item to classic neutrals to give your look a bit of swagger. Choose a well fitting, classic menswear style in a fun color and pair it with stylish neutrals. If you want to step it up a notch, mixing textures and subtle pattern add dimension to your look and is really sophisticated.

Below are the outfits I picked out incorporating that special pop of color - you can read more about it here.
sugar_rock_catwalk_outfitsNow Sugar Rock Catwalk readers can take $15 OFF your first purchase at Bombfell!

Go to bombfell.com/gimme and enter discount code SUGARROCK. Happy shopping.

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