Monday, March 18, 2013

Everlane: Heading North

For all our Canadian readers, we have some great news!  Everlane is going to be making it's way northbound.  The online retailer that turns out solid basics at an insanely reasonable price ran a campaign recently and met its target of $100K worth of pledges so up to Canada they go.  I checked out the pop-up shop here in New York a few months ago and I loved what I saw.  Clean basics, casual lines and comfortable/wearable pieces. To shop online just click here and sign up to become a member.

From perfect T's to silk blouses to wool sweaters to oxford shirts, Everlane has you covered.  By eliminating all the middlemen, the final cost of the garments to the end customer is significantly reduced.  When you look at a pricetag on a piece of clothing, even though the cost to produce the actual item might run $15 dollars, the retail price on the tag can translate to $100+.  Every party in the retail chain from the maufacturer, the actual designer, the distributor and the retailer all need their cut of the pie.  Everlane's pie just has less pieces than your average brand which benefits both them (since they can retain a larger chunk of the final selling price) and us - the customer (since we fork over less of our cash to buy an item).  It's a win/win situation.
I don't know about you but I always end up spending more of basics that I plan but, at the end of the day I get the most wear out of them. I know a lot of people who end up doing the same thing so I'm glad to see the expansion of Everlane to my homeland in Canada.
There are still a few days left of the Canadian campaign where you can pledge an amount to be used towards future purchases.  There are different tiers which come with different things but whaever you pledge you will receive a credit for in that amount (along with free one time shipping, early access or free stuff depending on the pledge level you choose).

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cousin mgk said...

thanks Jeffo! checked out the pop up shop here today. you're right: nice stuff, nice prices.

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