Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Now Playing: Branches

One of my favorite albums that I've heard this year is "Thou Art the Dream" by the California based band, Branches. Amazingly it is the first full length album put out by the friends turned bandmates who spent their first year together making friends, playing shows and recording songs. Out of this time came 2 EPs and the above-mentioned full length album "Thou Art the Dream".

It is one of those few albums where it is difficult to pick out my favorite song because it changes on the mood that I am feeling that day. These are songs that evoke emotions as they explore the ideas of "doubt, faith, loneliness, love, and above all, hope for life as it was meant to be". And I feel the jubilee in some of the songs, the sadness in others but always it is always hopeful. Rocking Chairs was the track that originally won me over but Helicopter, Letters, To the Desert, Planes, Sun and Moon and In Your Eyes have all spoken to me depending on the day and my mood. Check out the album, I promise if you love well layered instrumentals (including  ukulele, trombone, trumpet, violin, toy organ, and other fun noises) and rocking out to folk music, you won't be disappointed. Check out the entire album on Spotify and snag the song Helicopter free here.

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