Monday, June 18, 2012

James Rand & Sugar Rock Catwalk Reunited

SugarRockCatwalk readers, hopefully you’ll recognize my name, but this is may be the first time you’ve seen my face! I wanted to explain the absence of my photos from the site for the past 6 months, and to excitedly announce my continued collaboration with Sugar Rock Catwalk!

Last November I lost my job, and though I had many good years in NYC, I felt it was past time to move on. Since then I’ve been traveling around the world with my camera, including a very exciting trip to Japan and a winter sailing voyage off the coast of Maine! With my wanderlust temporarily sated, I followed Lani’s lead, packed up my stuff, rented a van, and moved to beautiful Chicago.

Now settled out in the friendly midwest, Lani and I will once again to collaborate to bring you fashionable outfits and accessories from a new city!

It’s a very exciting time for me, because in addition to a new city, new friends, and another chance to work with SugarRockCatwalk, I’m striking out on my own as a professional photographer. To kick off my new career, I’ve launched a brand-new!

So please, if you’ve enjoyed my work here, please give the site a visit. Check out my travel pictures in the galleries, and visit the blog for regular, photographic updates. And check back often, here at SugarRockCatwalk, to see what Lani and I cook up!

James Rand

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