Thursday, June 7, 2012

InStyle Independent Handbag Designer Awards

While fashion designers have the chance to compete against each other in shows like Project Runway and Fashion Star accessories designers find their opportunity to compete for recognition in the 6th annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards.  While 6000 applicants across the globe have entered this competition, only 30 have made the cut and it's your chance to vote for your favorite finalist.   It's an exciting platform to allow us to check out who may be the accessory world's next rising star.

The distinguished panel of judges include Dawn Del Russo, Lois Sakany & Samia Grand Pierre of, and Guest of a Guest writer Georgia Bobley. Other notable jurors include Kenneth Cole and Carlos Falchi, judging the final round and will announce the winners June 13. 

Out of these 30 designers, one of the designers nominated for Simplicity and Singer's Best Handmade Handbag category happens to be a former classmate of mine from college, Stephanie Wacey.  Stephanie or Steff (as I know her best) is a Canadian designer that has entered a handmade clock-bag, made of lamb and calf leather.

I personally think that the idea of clock handbag is adorable and would love to help Stephanie win the Audience Fan Favorite Award.  What do you think of her design?  It reminds me a little bit of Alice in Wonderland.  The contest ends tomorrow, June 8th, 2012, so check out the rest of the bags and cast your vote here.

You can follow Stephanie Wacey on Twitter at @5teffy and track the competition as it progresses @InStyle #handbagawards

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