Monday, May 21, 2012

Product Review: Neosporin Eczema Essentials

I recently had the chance to try out the new skincare product line Neosporin Essentials thanks to a sample sized set they recently sent me.  When I think about it, it's quite surprising that Neosporin never had a skincare line until this point.  Neosporin is the name that you know and trust with your cuts and scrapes so why wouldn't you trust them to heal your skin.  Eczema is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition characterized by dry, itchy skin and visible skin rash. Over 35 million Americans, both children and adults, suffer from eczema. While I personally don't have eczema, I do have psoriasis - a genetic skin condition that can at times bring about flaky patches of dry skin.

Neosporin created this product line after extensive research and clinical studies were conducted to better understand how eczema works and how it can be treated.  Each product in the line has a unique RELIPID™ formula, which contains a lipid, humectant, emollient and botanical blend to help retain moisture that is essential for healthy looking skin.  Packaging is simple and in simple flip top containers for the moisturizing cream and body wash but with a screw on lid for the anti-itch cream.

NEOSPORIN® ECZEMA ESSENTIALS™ Daily Moisturizing Cream - While this lotion is clinically proven to restore healthier skin in 3 days, I noticed an immediate soothing effect thanks to the colloidal oatmeal.  There is not much of scent and it looks a little more like a light gel than a lotion.  A little goes a long way and it spreads easily.  The product sinks into skin easily but has a slight dry tacky feel, that feels almost like a protective barrier for the skin.  I don't mind the feel on my body but it doesn't feel great on the fingers.  My skin however did like the lotion and I notice that my skin is well moisturized and not at all itchy over the next few days of use.

NEOSPORIN® MOISTURE ESSENTIALS™ Daily Body Wash - Also has a bit of a non-scent to it. It looks milky as lotion and has very low/no lather. While the lack of lather and scent didn't make me feel like I was showering as per normal, my skin did feel clean still and my skin does feel smoother after using it without any weird after feel.

NEOSPORIN® ECZEMA ESSENTIALS™ Anti-Itch Cream - I didn't end up using this one as much but it has a rich creamy texture and nice feel.  It seems to sink right into the skin with a gentle rub.  Again the product not scented - probably as it is more of a clinical/medical sort of product rather than a beauty product.  It does however contain hydrocortisone and simultaneously moisturizes and stops itching.

Overall I like the products especially the Daily Moisturizing Cream for it's soothing qualities.  While it's definitely not the type of product line that feels luxurious or like you're pampering yourself with something special, if you are a sufferer of eczema or any other type of dry skin condition taking care of your skin and relieving the symptoms can make you feel a lot more relaxed and a lot more beautiful too.  I hope in the future Neosporin considers creating some lightly fragranced items for those of us who like to take care of themselves and smell something pretty too.


Anonymous said...

Nice posts. The reason they won't use a fragrance with the line is because it flares eczema, would kinda not fulfill its purpose....

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