Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marni x H&M–The Keepers vrs The Returns

Marni is without a doubt one of my favorite designers - bold, quirky and different without having to be overtly sexy. The new collaboration with H&M had me certain I would break my budget - and in the end it still held true but it will be worth it down the road.  What I wanted more than anything was the jewelry which eluded me.  Perhaps I will have to make a trip to the bead store to DIY some pieces in the near future.

Fortunately, I was still able to snag some of my beloved pieces from this collaboration.  Since I never sleep enough as it is and the launch this morning fell on a work day, I wasn't sure I had the energy to even attempt to snag any pieces.  I originally contemplated asking my friends in London to scope out the scene for me since I had better luck there when the Lanvin collection launched.  However the closer the launch date became, the more and more my determination and will grew.  I'm not one who will spend the night or even wake up at the crack of dawn, but I still came out feeling victorious.

This morning I woke up at my ordinary time, but left the house much faster without a shower, minimal grooming and outfit consideration.  My first stop was H&M Soho and I arrived there about 8:25am and I snagged a wristband for a 9:45am time slot - since work called, I decided to stop by Herald Square and upon my arrival at 8:48am I managed to snag the last wristband for the last time slot and escape for an early lunch.

Since I was on a tight timeline, having to get back to the office, I cashed out quickly without trying anything on.  I also picked up a couple extra items at the request of my co-workers - since none of these items worked out for me I will be returning them tomorrow as I make my rounds to scour additional pieces after work.  I plan on returning these around 3:30-4pm at the Rockefeller Center location at 51st & 5th Ave in case you are interested.

 The Winners:
1) The Silk Front Cardigan was one of the items I had been coveting since I first saw the collection online.  This is a mix media cardigan with 100% silk panelling on the front and 100% cotton knit trim, sleeves and back.  The fit of the cardigan is a bit boxy so I ended up having to size down from my usual H&M size.  The knit has a slight scratchy feeling (like rayon) but is not uncomfortable.  The silk front is very thin but acceptable blouse weight.  I think it will make a great summer cardigan for the office - perfect for fending of air conditioning breeze.

2) The Stripe Socks are very sporty and simple but feel quintessentially Marni.  Not a bad trade to have that for $10.  They are fairly thin, I can see my knee through the top rib if I look closely.  80% Cotton/20% Polyamide Blend has a smooth cool hand that is again reminiscent of rayon.  The side stripes are a little bit beefier and have a slight puffy feeling.

3) Silk Scarf is actually half of a silk scarf - it's a bias triangle that looks like a square might have been cut in half in production and the inside edge is left raw.  It's 100% silk twill and has nice substantial hand.  The fact that it's a half triangle doesn't detract from it's end use and in fact makes it less bulky.

4) Leather Zip Front Shirt - H&M calls this a shirt but it seems almost like a jacket to me.  It has a stiff feel and the patent leather I was surprised to discover is actually real patent leather.  The white patent has a high glossy modern look that is lined while the sleeves and back are heavy knit cotton that has some weight.  It again is a little boxy and I wish I had sized down, but even though it's a little roomy, it does not look bad zipped up or open.  It is a little sculptural on the body and is a little boxy but in a very flattering way.
The Returns (From top left in a circular direction)

1) Knit Tie - Is quite skinny and a high quality heavy cotton knit made in Italy, but not distinctive enough to earn a place in my wardrobe
2)The Patterned Button-Up Shirt (Size Large Mens) I originally purchased this thinking that either Jeff or my boyfriend might want it, but closer inspection showed me that it was cut like the women's collection very generously and is therefor much too big.
3)The Cardigan (Size 6) - I bought it for my co-worker or myself if the smaller size didn't work out, but since it did, this one is going back to the store.
4)The Applique Tee Shirt (Size Medium) - With it's bright colors it's quite a fun whimsical t-shirt that I thought my co-workers might like but it was apparently too bright for them and it's going back.  The blanket stitch around each of the motifs is a nice touch.
5)The Tie Waist Tank (Size 8) - I bought it thinking it might work for my co-worker who is usually a size 6)  She loved it, but unfortunately since this collection runs big, it did not work for her.  The armpits were too low and it was too baggy.
7) The Illustrated Tee (Size Small)- This tee-shirt is absolutely adorable and 25% of the proceeds go towards the Red Cross Japan.  It was almost a keeper but I don't wear that many tee-shirts and I needed to cut back.
8) The Patent Jacket (Size 4) - On the right person this might look fabulous (someone taller than 5'3"), but since I was already keeping the Patent Zip Front Shirt I decided against this.  It has a heavy stiff feel that is also slightly more awkward feeling because the leather is in both the front and the back of the jacket and the knit is kept on the sleeves only.  The jacket is not only heavy in the fabric, it weighs quite a lot too.  The advantage this jacket offers is it has pockets and full sleeves that might be more practical in a wider variety of weather conditions.
9) The Polka Dot Silk Scarf - Scarf is the same construction and material as the one I'm keeping but I figured I had the dots covered with my cardigan.  The print looks a little bit dull compared to the other dot prints in the collection.
10) The Plastic Tote is a very cool piece, the colors are fantastic and although it's a plastic, it does not look cheap.  The downside is that the strap is not long enough to wear as a shoulder bag and it can only be carried on the elbow, wrist or hand which is a big no no for someone like me, who may accidentally misplace bags at a sample sale.


chile said...

Hi Erin. I meant to get a size six cardi but left with an eight by mistake. I would love to take six off your hands. If you don't know anyone for the eight I have, I could trade sm leggings or possibly the ss green cardi.

Lemme know,

chile said...

Green cardi is a four.

Erin said...

Hi Celeste, thank you for your generous offer :-) I think aside from the jewelry, I am pretty happy with what I am keeping and wouldn't want to take anything that you originally wanted. Do you live in the city? I could msg you when I head over for the return and meet you in line if you email me your number (i am heading to the SoHo store after 5th Ave). SugarRockCatwalk (at) gmail (dot) com

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