Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY Matthew Williamson Pom Pom Bracelet

Matthew Williamson BraceletMatthew Williamson DIY Pom Pom Bracelet
Matthew Williamson Bracelet Left, DIY Version Right

The Matthew Williamson Pom Pom Bracelet is pure fun with it's vivid neon colors and dangling pom poms.  Upon closer examination I realized that if I could find the right trim, it wouldn't be too difficult to re-create the look for myself for a fraction of the price.  I simplified the way the cord is added to the chain to make life easier but the end result doesn't look too far off from the original.

1 Yard of Brightly colored cord - I used satin Rattail, but you could also use elastic cord
6" or so of heavy chain - depending on your wrist size
6" or so of pom pom trim 
Approximately 21 Medium Sized Jump Rings - I used size 0.8 x 8
1 Lobster Clasp + 1 Larger Size Jump Ring as your closure
2 Pairs of Flat Nose Pliers

I picked up the cord and pom poms from Daytona Trimming
Jewelry Supplies and Chain I picked up at Toho Shoji

1)The first thing I did was cut the chain to the correct length of your wrist and subtract a couple links to account for the addition of the closure.  Attach the lobster claw clasp and large jump ring using smaller jump rings.

2 ) Looping the cord through each link of the chain while looping it back through the cord to create a blanket stitch around the chain.

3)Continue to loop the entire length of the chain

4) Spread out the cord evenly through the chain as desired

5) Knot the ends carefully

6) Trim excess cord

7) Open the remaining jump rings using your flat nose pliers

8) With a candle carefully place end of trimmed cord close to the flame but not directly in the flame to melt the ends and prevent fraying.  This step really helps your finished project to look professional but make sure that you do it in a well ventilated area as melted plastic fibres do not smell great.

9) Trim the pom pom trim to the same length as your chain.  You can also repeat step 8 on the pom pom  trim to prevent fraying.

10) Using your open jump rings you can carefully attach the pom pom trim to the opposite side of the chain using 1 jump ring per chain link.  Carefully close jump rings using flat nose pliers.

Tada! A fun bracelet to jazz up your wardrobe.


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so crafty!

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