Monday, February 20, 2012

Orla Kiely x Unliqo Launch

I love holidays!  No work, time to catch up with friends and to time to see what's new at Uniqlo (why can't every day be a holiday??!)  A couple of  friends were in town and wanted to check out the Orla Kiely collab so we stopped by the 5th Avenue location earlier today. 

If you're a fan of Kiely's aesthetic, you'll like this collab.  Her prints dominate and are at the forefront for most pieces from T's to button up shirts, to dresses, to slippers and to scarves.  
The pieces are easy to pair with lots of basics from Uniqlo's main collection including belts, cardigans, sweaters and trousers so if you're looking for an entire outfit, the store has you covered.
In terms of pricing, the button ups are $39.90, T's are $19.90 and scarves are going for just $12.90 a pop!  Sizing was available across the board for items though smaller sizes seemed to be dwindling down.
In my opinion I thought the scarves were definitely the highlight.  Bold prints, bright colors and easy on the pocket - what else do you need?  They're great accent pieces that can add a pop of color to an otherwise ho-hum office uniform or can spruce up your casual wear for the weekend. 
Thanks to a tip from a reader in an earlier post, we learned that they were giving away free totes with every purchase.  The tote itself is actually pretty nice!

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Anna said...

The Soho store wasn't giving away the free totes and didn't have a lot of the scarves either. There was still a lot of stock of the dresses and blouses in all sizes when I went lunchtime today (2/21).

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