Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chicago Shopping: Jason Wu for Target

This morning my friend Rachel and I met at the Target in Logan Square 15 minutes before doors opened. This was the line at 7:45AM.  It was mostly women ahead of us, but around 9:50 a huge crowd of women pulled into the parking lot with their significant others and even children.  And if the security Segway was any indication, we could tell we were going to be in for a little madness.

There were fully stocked racks to start.  By 8:10AM, they were almost completely ransacked.  Dozens of women running, grabbing, squealing... it was so intense!  I picked up the signature navy striped dress, which Rachel ended up buying, but I had to fight a man for it.  We both grabbed it at the same time, and I had to give him the look of death.

By 8:45AM, only a few lonely pieces were left and mostly in size L or XL.  As for the accessories, the scarves and wicker bags were gone almost instantly.  When we left, there were a few small racks of unclaimed black clutches, canvas totes and flower satchels.

With some determination, speed and agility, we each took home a few pieces from the Jason Wu for Target collection.  The quality is consistent with previous designer collaborations; the sizing however varied from piece to piece - some true to size, others a bit large.

I am so excited to own two blouses from the collection.  I think both of them will work well tucked into skirts and high waisted jeans and untucked with skinny jeans.  As for the skirt, I love it because I've been wanting a longer pleated skirt, but it's actually a bit large on me so it would need to be taken in.  As much as it is, it does seem a bit silly to spend money tailoring skirt from Target.

Left: Jason Wu for Target yellow peplum blouse and Loeffler Randall black zipper skirt
Right: Jason Wu for Target mesh floral top and H&M lace skirt

Jason Wu for Target pleated skirt.  Marni heels and Tashkent wedges.


Anonymous said...

Sigh...all I really wanted was the Milu scarf.

Faith J. said...

Fabulous report! I'm so glad you scored some items. That mustard blouse looks beautiful.

Six Six Sick said...

The pleated skirt is great! I hope you're having a wonderful time and keeping warm in Chicago!!!

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