Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Odd Slipper Soiree


Last night I dropped by the Little Shoe Store in the East Village - the perfect setting for the launch event of online boutique The Odd Slipper. I've mentioned before that The Odd Slipper specializes in shoes for ladies with small feet - sizes 3-5.5 to be exact. Since I am a true size 5 I jumped at the opportunity to try shoes that are actually in my size! Too many times have I been excited to find an adorable pair of shoes at just the right price only to discover that my size isn’t even manufactured anymore. Last night however for the first time ever I did not even know where to look first! Rows upon row of perfectly tiny shoes in all sorts of amazing styles!  What a relief to not be sent to the children’s section to shop (true story).

Guests mingled munching on macarons and cookies that smelled delicious (I’ve recently gone gluten & dairy-free) by Spot Dessert Bar and cocktails by Cointreau.

With so many petite shoes to look for, I actually found shoes that were  too small for my feet - which never happens!  Peep some of my fave styles – from rugged buckle boots to spikey stilettos to glittering peep toe heels.  Don’t wait for Prince Charming or feel like an ugly stepsister, find a lovely shoe or few that fits at last!


1 comment:

Debie said...

Those glitter pumps are SO FUN, I want them!!

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