Monday, September 12, 2011

Now Wearing…

I picked up this dress a little while ago because I fell in love with the bold graphic slightly tribal print. Since the print is so bold, wearing chunky accessories doesn’t detract at all from the dress. I decided to wear my recent DIY necklace.

I had a craft session with a couple lovely ladies, where my friend brought random hardware bits from Home Depot, unworn jewelry and yarn and challenged us to create something new. So I combined coconut beads, washers, bolts, plumbing pipes and beads to create this necklace.
Click after the jump for more pictures and where it’s all from
Tribal Print Dress - GAR-DE
Chunky Necklace - DIY
Herringbone Pony Pouchette - Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff
Platform Sandals - Frye
Bracelet - Courtesy of Lucky Magazine
Lipstick - Maybelline Revival Red
All photography by the wonderful James S. Rand.


Anna G said...

I love the DIY necklace. The print of your dress is gorgeous.

2 Button Mens Suits said...

I like the outfit specially the dress GAR-DE because the print of the dress so amazing i would like to know if where i can buy like that one.

Erin said...

Aww thank you :) Maybe I should make post on how to assemble the necklace!

2 Button Mens Suits They have the dress on Shop Bop it's on sale but XS only!

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