Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stockholm: Window Shopping


Shopping in Stockholm generally means shopping on Drottinggatan – the retail street which is for most part pedestrian is home to countless shops including 4 large H&M’s within walking distance to each other.  As my first day in the city was met with hitting the streets for some retail therapy I thought I would share some of what I saw along the way. What I didn’t realize one my first day was that unlike North American shops most retailers close up shop by 5 or 6pm on a Saturday and by the time I realized this I could only window shop.  Nevertheless I enjoyed what I saw.

The general mood for windows was a bit focused on tailoring for women.  Whether it be sharp and simple clean cut menswear inspired pieces or great coats or vintage inspire pieces paired back to drapey jersey with pops of unexpected color.  And while most displays were typical at H&M, Zara, and PUB – the retailer NK really knocked my socks of with their cat burglars, wacky prison line up and dress made of warning tape.  Click through to see some of my favorites!

IMAG1691IMAG1692IMAG1689IMAG1690 IMAG1694IMAG1648IMAG1650IMAG1651IMAG1653IMAG1655IMAG1658IMAG1660IMAG1661IMAG1666IMAG1683IMAG1667IMAG1684IMAG1685


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