Monday, August 8, 2011

HP x Style Coalition’s Project Runway Premiere Party

HP_Project_Runway_Style_Coalition (2)HP_Project_Runway_Style_Coalition (3)A couple weeks ago in honor of the season premiere of Project Runway, Style Coalition decided to host a truly fabulous party with HP at the Style Coalition Lounge.  Seriously being surrounded by some of my favorite fashion loving ladies with white sangria, macarons, pineapple ice pops, and appetizers after an intense 11 hour work day was just what the doctor ordered. 

HP_Project_Runway_Style_Coalition (9)HP_Project_Runway_Style_Coalition (8)HP_Project_Runway_Style_Coalition (4)HP_Project_Runway_Style_Coalition (6)

All of the above images are courtesy of Ana Schechter Photo

Call me a tech dork but after saying some hello's I ran to play with the HP TouchSmart 610 not even realizing they were part of Style Coalition's own mini Project Runway challenge and began sketching up a storm.  At first I didn't have a sense of the program I was using, but soon enough I got the hang of it and was having a blast.  I previously tried out the TouchSmart TM2 laptop/tablet, but with an even larger work area I had the freedom to create art projects with ease.  I soon started using the back side of a pencil in combination with my finger for precision details and also fluid movement.  I had so much fun that I could use it all day.  I have always been a fan of mixed media, but in my NYC life, don't actually have the room to have too many art supplies.  So I love that the TouchSmart offers a huge variety of tools at your fingertips.  You can jump between pencil, air brush, glitter, crayon and so much more with ease.  Plus there is no need to cleanup tools and forget erasers because with an undo button, you can pretend mistakes or unfortunate lines never even happened.  What do you think of my sketches above?


Here are just some of the sketches that we all created!  Later on in the evening we printed out best work and were judged on our creations.

IMAG1442 (2)

Check out Jordana of Clutch 22’s fun rendition of Wonder Woman – she won our Project Runway inspired competition for the evening and a great little camcorder to boot!

Between hilarious commentary and tweets we narrowed down our new fave contestants to root for this season.  I couldn't help but cringe at Anya Ayoung-Chee’s lack of sewing skills, be pleasantly surprised at the success of Bert Keeter’s boxer dress and burst out in laughter at Rafael Cox’s unwillingness to part with his do rag.

Thanks HP & Style Coalition for a super fun evening that has me lusting for a TouchSmart of my very own.

PS. HP is currently running a competition to be judged by former Project Runway contestant Mondo Guerra that let’s you put your sketching skills to the test and win your very own HP TouchSmart 610! Four finalists will win an EliteBook Tablet PC - just like the one that the contestant’s use on the show.  What are you waiting for? Get sketching!

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