Monday, July 11, 2011

Wear: BITE Beauty

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a recently launched beauty brand – BITE Beauty. It’s a collection of products that focus on the lips combining anti-aging antioxidants with natural and food grade ingredients.

Bite Beauty (20)The tagline caught my attention: “…Beauty for Lips That’s Good Enough to Eat” because the average woman will consume over 6 pounds of lip product over her lifetime. On a daily basis, intentionally or not, lips will be licked, or touched throughout the day as you eat or drink. Chemical based products like polybutenes and petroleum byproducts are replaced by organic shea and fruit butters and pigments are food grade and naturally derived. Since in the cosmetics industry, many lip pigments especially in the red category contain lead – food grade pigments become even more appealing.

Bite Beauty (15)If you think about it, women use anti-aging products on their skin and around the eyes, but the lips are not usually treated with as much care. As women age the skin around the lips unfortunately begins to lose it’s plumpness and lines begin to set in. BITE Beauty contains Red Wine Resveratrol that is a powerful antioxidant that assists the body to fight against free-radicals and helps to reduce wrinkle and prevent the appearance of fine lines while essential oils provide hydration. Each tube of lipstick packs the equivalent amount of Resveratrol found in 5 glasses of red wine.

I had the chance to test some of these products out firsthand and here’s what I thought about them:

Bite Beauty (6)

Luminous Crème Lipstick – The lipstick comes in 24 shades and I got to test out Zin – a muted berry shade. First off I was very attracted to the packaging of this product in particular. The matte charcoal slightly bullet shape reflects the shape of the lipstick itself and it is simple and functional. As for the lipstick itself – it goes on velvety smooth and gives me a natural color that creates a sexy berry stained look. It’s not at all sticky and has a slight sweet taste. The color somehow seems to exude a sense of naturalness that makes the beauty of my lips shine through. Though the color is not particularly shimmery, there is a soft sheen to my lips as if I just applied lip balm. My lips feel as moist as if I had just applied a lip balm too.

Bite Beauty (4)

High Pigment Pencil – If you are into matte lip shades then this is definitely the product for you. Coming in 6 long wearing shades the packaging kind of looks like a fat lip liner pencil. The application is super easy and the product glides over lips easily providing liner and lipstick in one. The best part is that the color twists up so you never have to sharpen it. I tried the Honey Berry which is a great nude shade. The feeling on the lips is very light, non sticky and although it has a dryer look it doesn’t feel dry.

Bite Beauty (9)Lip Shine - While this product doesn’t appear to be too different from most lip gloss products out their in terms of packaging – the wand is slightly different in that it is angled for a more precise application. I tried the Melon shade which is a summery pink tone and it gave my lips a high shine look that is moisture rich and surprisingly natural. It you want lots of shine and a subtle hit of color Lip Shine delivers. The product sort of sits on your lips and lasts long while making your lips look juicy.

Bite Beauty (8)

Lip Rouge – This product is actually a 2-in-1 lip color and blush. The slick little matte compact slips easily in my purse and the large mirror inside the lid is super useful. This product is firmer than the other products and a little color goes a long way. I tried the blush color that is a bright raspberry pink. Lip Rouge is a buildable color that can create a light stain effect or a more intense look with additional application. The color is matte and the feel is like almost nothing is on your lips. My favorite use for this product though is as a super natural cheek stain. Just the smallest dab creates just the right amount of flush that lasts all day.

Bite Beauty (10)

SPF 15 Sheer Balms – If you want a slight tint of color, slight luster, the feeling of lip balm and the protection of sunscreen the Sheer Balms encompass all of that. It comes in a simple black tube that is very non-descript save for a tiny BITE logo on one end. It goes on light and gives a faint hardly wearing any product feel of lip balm. The color is semi-sheer so your actual lips shine through.

Bite Beauty (2)

Vitamin Gel – I actually found the packaging of this product to be my least favorite as the product shows through but doesn’t look particularly attractive. If the tube was improved I think that my like of this product would probably turn to love. The product itself though is the tastiest of the entire collection and lends a glossy shine look on top of color or just on it’s own. The product itself does not change the color of your lips but contains the benefits of micronized multivitamins. While this product is not sticky it has a thicker slippery feel than some of the other products. Almost like you applied Vaseline to your lips without the petroleum. I tried the Pineapple flavor that is reminiscent of Asian candy.

Bite Beauty (13)

Superfruit Butter – This product could be used by both men and women. It goes on without shine or shimmer and gives an incredibly light, feeling that feels thin yet protective. This is also another of the firmer products that apply in a super thin coat that spreads when it warms against the skin. It’s a super concentrated blend of fruit butters that can be used not only on the lips but actually also works great to moisturize nails and cuticles too. Since it is called Superfruit Butter I think I was expecting this product to have a great taste but this product has virtually no taste. The product contains subtle flecks that are pieces of actual fruit but none of the pieces are actually big enough to really be detected when applied The fruits used are in accordance to the 4 flavors – Acai, blueberry, Cranberry or Pomegranate that are super anti-oxidant rich. What can I say but I love multi-purpose products that work.

I love that BITE Beauty is indeed good enough to eat. The way they make my lips feel and look is great. While it was hard to narrow down I think that my absolute faves are the Superfruit Butter, the High Pigment Pencil and the Lip Rouge. BITE Beauty is available at Sephora in stores and online. Products range from $18 to $24.

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