Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lovecat Magazine Launch


The other week the lovely folks at LeSportsac invited me to the launch of a Lovecat at The Darby Supper club.

Lovecat is a Fanzine dedicated to models created by Prince Peter Chenoa and Jacob Dekat to fill a space they felt was missing from the world of fashion magazines. They decided to take matters into their own hands by offering "uncensored visual tales...meant to take you back to the supermodel days, when beauty and femininity ruled the world". The debut issue offers over 30 of the hottest models in the industry to love, collect and enjoy. While some of the models like Kate Moss and Chanel Iman are household names, there are plenty of less familiar and new faces. The pages include a quick snapshot of the model's profile and rapid fire q & a's, some photo spreads and plenty of model pictures sprawled, hanging, standing, and draped over. Since the debut issue is titled "The Summer of Sex Issue" expect plenty of risque photos.


As for the party it was sponsored by Izze, Sailor Jerry's and LeSportsac so there were plenty of tasty drinks to be had while the cool kids chatted up a storm and DJ Mess Kid spun tunes. When I first arrived on the scene I noticed that the PR girls slightly ruffled as this party had it's share of crashers but downstairs everyone was chilling out despite the full capacity. Definitely spotted a few model types in leather bits and I managed to snag an issue before they ran out. After making the rounds, hunger called and I headed out into the night before the crowds completely took over.


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L said...

Yum for Izze! I hope you had fun!

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