Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Shopping Round Up: Military-Inspired Jackets

Military-inspired jackets were a bit of a trend last spring. In my mind, they're actually an everyday basic. They're so practical and olive green matches almost everything: black, browns, even pink!

These jackets could be worn with simple t-shirt and jeans, but my favorite look is military jackets layered over feminine blouses and flouncy skirts for contrast.

J. Crew utility jacket$148.00 (retail $168.00)

Joe's Jeans pant military coat, $123

Marc New York olive washed anorak, $129.00 (retail $215.00)

Merona utility jacket, $29.99

Another affordable option is army navy surplus. You can usually find a jacket for $20-$40, though figuring out sizing will be tough especially if you look online. I'd recommend checking out your local army navy surplus store, so you can try it on. Chances are you'll want to take the jacket in, but even with added cost of alterations ($20-30), it'll still be a relatively cheap piece and authentic!


Atif said...

Such a lovely jacket the jacket designs and color is too much attractive..

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Anonymous said...


Check out this site that has lots of Military related products.

Montel Williams hosts some of their stuff. It's really cool!

Check it out!



Military Camouflage Clothing said...

Hi...It feels so nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. Really thankful to you for starting this.I really like the jacket.Thanks for sharing.


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