Monday, March 7, 2011

Rachel Antonoff Fall 2011

When we received invites to the Rachel Antonoff Fall 2011 show “The Dance”, I could already tell that we would be in for an experience, not just another run of the mill presentation.  How adorable is this dance card?


I had a little trouble finding my way to the High School Gymnasium it was held in on that windy afternoon but I was so glad to have found my way.  A refreshing change from the monotony of show after show, I was transported back in time to High School in the 1950s.Rachel Antonoff Fall 2011 (8)171603_10150401987000151_564045150_17594000_6563558_o

And what lies beyond the streamers?

Rachel Antonoff Fall 2011 (14)Rachel Antonoff Fall 2011 (10)Rachel Antonoff Fall 2011 (2)Rachel Antonoff Fall 2011 (1)

Hostess cupcakes, Twinkies, punch, tables, bleachers, a photo area, even a set up area for a band to perform and of course plenty of adorable ladies.Rachel Antonoff Fall 2011 (17)Rachel Antonoff Fall 2011 (4)

The prom attendees/models were decked out in adorable shoes that are part of the Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff collaboration and include plenty of adorable loafers and saddle shoes.  At first they were mingling amongst the guests and although I had no trouble spotting the ladies, I was relieved when they all gathered towards the end to take a “class photo” so I could get a sense of the entire collection.

Rachel Antonoff Fall 2011 (5)Rachel Antonoff Fall 2011 (13)

Plaid, velveteen, and printed satin contrast nicely against casual striped sweaters, giving this collection a sense of ease and everyday wearability.  Although several dresses have a retro sensibility, the fit and proportions are modern.

Bows, cat inspired and heart knee patches on tights and novelty prints (including a trombone print) added just the right balance of quirky sweetness that makes Rachel Antonoff stand out from the crowd.

Rachel Antonoff Fall 2011 (15)Rachel Antonoff Fall 2011 (16)

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looks like such an adorable time!

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