Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Katherine Kwei S/S 11 Fashion Video

Katherine Kwei Lulu SS 11 Fashion Video (5)So on President’s Day while everyone else was sleeping in and enjoying the extra day of rest, Lani and I were up as early as a typical work day and trying to solve the fashion dilemma of coming up with an outfit that had no black or no grey. Ironically just as I was about leave the house, Lani texted me that she was wearing yellow pants and a blue top – the exact same combo I had on. Guess the fashion equation had only one solution! I was slightly afraid that we’d be too matchy or totally clash with each other, nevertheless I had to get moving if I wanted to make it on time to Williamsburg on that snowy morning for our Fashion Video debut with our lovely co-star the Lulu Bag by Katherine Kwei.

Katherine Kwei Lulu SS 11 Fashion Video (4)Katherine Kwei Lulu SS 11 Fashion Video (7)

Although it was technically a working Holiday we had a blast working with the lovely and talented director Celia Rowlson-Hall while hanging lovely blogger ladies Claire Geist (, Sara Zucker (, Bianca Caampued ( and Casey Kettleson (

Katherine Kwei Lulu SS 11 Fashion Video (1)Katherine Kwei Lulu SS 11 Fashion Video (6)Katherine Kwei Lulu SS 11 Fashion Video (3)

Our first location was in a classroom and it was my first time sitting in one of those grade school desks in ages. It brought back a flood of memories – passing notes to girlfriends, when everything was a big deal, secret snacks I’d hide in my desk, being too tired to hold my head up off the desk and endless doodling. Time flew although the antique looking clock on the wall never did – if I was really in school I think that clock would have killed me! Although being students of style kind of appeals to me! Katherine Kwei Lulu SS 11 Fashion Video (10)172388_10150421311530151_564045150_17853918_4579966_oKatherine Kwei Lulu SS 11 Fashion Video (11)

After a short break, we got to finish off the day with a toast while having drinks at The Thompson in the Lower East Side. The perfect end to a fun day! Hope you enjoy the video as much as we did making it! Special thanks to Small Girls PR for making sure everything in the day went so smoothly and on schedule!

Katherine Kwei Lulu S/S 11 from celia rowlson-hall on Vimeo.


eli said...

Cute and playful video! I really like that bag =)

Susana said...


I am a new your blog and I believe you will like mine...would love a follow back :)


shana! said...

I love the video. You ladies look so cute in it. and I'm so coveting that bag now.

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