Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Store: Go Collective - Atlantic Center, Brooklyn

Go-Collective-Brooklyn-Target (1)

Since I didn’t have a chance to run by Target on Sunday I stopped by last night to examine the scene.  Some dresses were clearly gone instantaneously while others still hung on racks pretty plentifully.  I didn’t spot a single Rodarte Dress or Thakoon Dress.  Tracey Feith’s White Zip Front was wittled down to only 2 dresses as was Zac Posen’s polka dot number.  Only spotted one style of the Tucker by Gabby Basora Dress (Signature Floral Dress), but they were moving quickly.

Other dresses were fortunately plentiful.  The Libertine Crepe LBD with the embroidered neck, the Richard Chai Tuxedo Dress, the Luella Plaid Bubble Dress, the Proenza Bra Cup Dress, Rogan’s leopard silk t-shirt dress, both Jovovich-Hawk dresses, the Tara Jarmon color block, the Paul & Joe jersey number, Erin Fetherson’s Ruffle and Rabbit Print dresses and plenty more.

Go-Collective-Brooklyn-Target (2)Go-Collective-Brooklyn-Target (3)Go-Collective-Brooklyn-Target (4)Go-Collective-Brooklyn-Target (5)Go-Collective-Brooklyn-Target (6)Go-Collective-Brooklyn-Target (7)

After scouring the racks, that are still pretty organized (for Brooklyn Target) I found what I was looking for in dresses I never had the chance to snag previously due to the style immediately selling out, or my lack of access to at Target.

Go-Collective-Brooklyn-Target (8)Go-Collective-Brooklyn-Target (9)IMAG3187

The Tara Jarmon Color Block was the typical Go Collection fit (not much bust room) in a thin cotton lawn material.  The color combo is still cute 5 years later, but I guess since it was reminiscent of the Proenza Bra Cup Dress, which I already owned I passed.

The Zac Posen Polka Dot Dress felt a little bit elongated through the bodice so I wasn’t sure if it was fitting me correctly.  It was cute but I felt a little awkward in it.

The Behnaz Lace Dress if you remove the flower it’s actually quite darling and the dress looks a lot more expensive than it is.  The horizontal lace strips can make you look a bit wider but it’s a straighter fit through the body for an easier fit on various body types.

Go Collective Brooklyn Target (1)[4]Go Collective Brooklyn Target (2)

The Plaid Luella Dress - 5 years later and I still want it.  On the down side there is no zipper and the back bubbles a bit, but it’s super cute so it comes home with me.

The Zac Posen Ruffle Dress –The Sleeves, The Neck, The Godets make this signature Zac Posen for a fraction of the price.  I’m not sure how it will look when it’s less wrinkly, but this one came home with me too.


Anonymous said...

how is the sizing on the zac posen dress? is it typical target jr sizing or a little bigger?

Anonymous said...

how is sizzzzing period is a small a real small or shoudl you go up ala h&M

Erin said...

The Zac Posen dress was actually a little snugger than I anticipated. I did end up getting the size that I normally wear (XS) but also tried on a size small for comparison. The small was a little loose but felt slightly more comfortable while the XS was tighter (through the bodice) but ended up looking better on the body.

Sizing generally is smaller than typical, its the same as Target's Juniors sizing. There is not as much bust room, so if you are a curvier lady I would recommend sizing up.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip!

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