Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plastic Island Spring 2011 Lookbook

plastic island spring 2011-001

If Mcginn is about luxe and refined pieces that could take you out on the town, then Plastic Island is all about everyday casual cool clothes that you could live in.  The light colors combined with soft structural designs gives this collection a very New York meets L.A. kind of vibe.  There is an element of downtown girl but it is not done in the typical dark way.  Details like lace/mesh yokes, cut outs and exposed zips are well used throughout the collection and nothing looks over designed. 

My personal favorites are the cover look/look 7, look 13 and look 24.  Look 7: The white mesh yoke dress with pleated skirt is light, fresh and totally unique. I would live in it from Spring, with the jacket, into New York’s deathly humid summers, sans jacket. Look 13: Sometimes white blazers although fresh can look cheesy if done incorrectly.  This one with it’s sharp black trim and streamlined silhouette looks perfect.  I also love the pairing with the ruffle edge shorts.  Look 24: Love that the 50s sweet looking silhouette and print is accented by a solid black yoke/side panel.  It creates a more streamlined sharper look, while the tie back adds a sexy/sweet element.

I also am drawn to the jacket in look 3, the tank in look 4 and the blouse in look 23.  Look 3: A great casual jacket with a unique collar and soft sleeves that looks great reigning in a billowy top. Look 4: A simple silk staple is given a fun touch with the contrast lace yoke in the back. The v-neck blouson silhouette is very easy yet flattering.  Look 23: I think silky blouses are so casual cool.  This one has a great soft shape and the graphic print looks all season.plastic island spring 2011-002plastic island spring 2011-003plastic island spring 2011-004plastic island spring 2011-005plastic island spring 2011-006plastic island spring 2011-007plastic island spring 2011-008plastic island spring 2011-009plastic island spring 2011-010plastic island spring 2011-012plastic island spring 2011-013plastic island spring 2011-014plastic island spring 2011-015

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Anonymous said...

The dress from look 7 is hot!

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