Monday, December 13, 2010

Now Wearing…

This weekend I ended up hitting the circus for my first time possibly ever! I may have gone as a kid, but I don't quite remember. It was quite the experience and I loved having my fill of cotton candy. Anyways thinking of circuses had me thinking of a ringmaster! This vest is half Michael Jackson, half ringmaster!

Holey Tee - DIY on Alternative Apparel Tee
Skinny Jeans - Courtesy of Sold Design (LOVE these!)
Drapey Cardigan - Filtre
Shoulder Bead & Chain Vest - La Rok
Nails - Sephora by OPI, Rumba Romance
Handcuff & Gun Necklace - Borrowed from Jeff! He picked it up at a Market in Williamsburg and it's pretty great!


sunny said...

I'm loving the shirts with the metalic decoration thingies on the shoulders right now. It's so "of the moment." Very cute outfit!

Erin said...

Thanks Sunny! When I was at the sample sale I thought, is this a bit too much? Then I was like BUT I love it! so I am very glad I snagged it now :)

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