Thursday, December 2, 2010

iWant: Cute Rubber Rain Boots

Rain, rain, go away! How awful was the rain yesterday? My umbrella snapped in multiple places the moment I stepped onto the street. I was wearing my Alexandre Herchcovitch x Melissa oxfords, which kept my feet dry, but with all the sideways rain my jeans were soaked almost instantly.

I've done a couple rain boot shopping roundups before, but here are my latest favorites.

Ilse Jacobsen

From Demark, Ilse Jacobsen has become the new go-to rain boots. In the past I've spotted them at boutiques like Oak and Tani, and more recently I saw them at Madewell in DC. They're just as functional as the classic rubber boots, only they're a little sleeker and a whole lot cuter. If I had longer legs, I might consider the taller boots, but since I don't, I've got my eye on the short cream ones.

Ilse Jacobsen, Rub 2 Short $149.95

Loeffler Randall

I've had my eyes on these boots for awhile, and after seeing them again for the release of Loeffler Randall's collab with the crafty Purl Soho, I just might have to get the bootles. I love that they look so much like vintage boots.

Rain boots ordered before Dec 31st will include the adorable stirrup socks pattern. I don't usually have the patience for knitting or crocheting, but rain days are the best days for DIYs.

Loeffler Randall, Rain Bootie $165.00


Faith J. said...

Love the Loeffler Randall rainboots! If you're looking for them at a cheaper price point, I've seen them new on eBay.

Celeste Hoang said...

these are so cute i'd actually WISH for rain :)

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