Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Staying Warm & Dry this Winter with Cougar Boots

By now, you probably all know about my well documented distaste for Uggs (the classic style ones) as a winter time shoe option.  I’ve steered countless friends away from this as their winter-time shoe of choice.  So when the Canadian (heart swelling with a bit of National Pride) company Cougar Boots contacted me about testing out a couple of their styles, I leapt at the opportunity.  Since 1948, three generations have been crafting quality boots for the whole family made to handle the great outdoors.

Being Canadian does not mean that I love the cold, should be used to the cold, or live in an igloo.  In fact, I’m all about staying as warm and dry as possible.  That’s why when it comes to wintertime gear, whether it be outerwear of footwear, I am an avid promoter of Canadian brands.  Canadians know and truly understand what icy cold winter is and therefore know how to best combat against the elements.

So when the winter time care package complete with 1 pair of rain boots, 1 pair of snow boots, 1 snuggly hoodie and a mug full of hot chocolate arrived in the mail, I was probably the only girl in the city hoping for some rain or cold weather to come my way so I could truly test them out and put them to the test.

Nothing makes me unhappier than cold wet feet - so I was super excited to know that both pairs of boots I am trying out are guaranteed waterproof for up to 6 months.  As luck would have it, it rained last week so I was able to test the boots out in typical November in NYC weather conditions and splash around in a few puddles.

cougar the regal (1024x646)The Rain BootsThe Regal (Approx. Retail Price: $85 Cdn / $80 Usd)
I love these rain boots.  From the moment I saw them on the website initially, I was super excited about the fact that they look so much like a typical Motorcycle Boot, rather than just a Rain Boot.  Why is this so great?  Do you ever have that dorky feeling on days it’s supposed to rain and it doesn’t that you are the only one in the city clunking around so obviously in your rain boots?  Well not anymore.  These are definitely stylish enough to completely avoid that feeling.

erin3-20101106-014.jpgThe boots themselves feel sturdy and have a good weightiness to them but are not heavy.  The sole has as much traction as a good pair of hiking boots preventing unfortunate slipping.  The insides have a thin layer of insulation to keep you warm and dry on both the inside and out.  With these on my feet, I doubt that I would be able to feel the chill from the biggest of slush puddles.  I wore them for about 7 hours straight (indoors/outdoors) and my feet felt pretty comfortable and not sweaty considering I was wearing rubber shoes, thanks to perforated insoles.  Also, the insides are a great smooth finish that did not snag or get snagged on my tights.  An added bonus - they don’t make an annoying squeaky noise on wet floors like my other rain boots so often do.

cougar the ravishing (1024x663)The Snow BootsThe Ravishing (Approx. Retail Price: $170 Cdn / $170 Usd)
Even though it hasn’t been truly cold weather yet, I did wear these outside for a prolonged period of time while I was cheering my friend on in the NYC Marathon from 3 different points across the city. 

erin2-20101106-012.jpg picture by UnstablePuffinStanding outside for 6 hours straight can sure make a girl chilly so I thought it was the perfect day to bust out these boots.  I was glad I did and in the end, my hands were the only part of my body that felt the cold!  These boots are as snuggly against the legs as a pair of wooly socks and as cozy on the feet as a pair of slippers.  My feet felt almost like I had a little heater warming up each foot!.  Like the rain boots, my feet stayed dry and comfortable and they did not rub or snag my clothes in any way.  They are lightweight and have great traction on the sole to prevent slipping.  Fortunately unlike other shoes with great grip, they don’t get stuck on the carpet indoors and make you trip.

The only minor caveat I have is I wore light colored socks and they picked up a little bit of color from the insides of the shoe (after 9 hours of wear).  Perhaps on days I wear them for a prolonged period of time, I’ll stick to wearing darker colored socks!  A small price to pay for keeping warm!  Otherwise the boots have been quite awesome.

On the days I was wearing the boots I received multiple compliments on both pairs of boots from both men and women.  Whether it be a design director at my office to my football loving guy friend to Lani noticing them on the street on the way to a preview.  I’d highly recommend that you pick up a pair of Cougar boots to keep you stylish while staying warm and toasty this winter.  Priced at $80 for the rain boots and $170 for the snow boots they offer you incredible quality and value for your money.


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Anonymous said...

where are the boots made? are they made in canada as well?

Erin said...

I just checked and as most things in this world - they are Canadian design, but made in China. Wish I could say that they were made in Canada too!

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