Monday, November 1, 2010

Now Wearing…

Halloween is important to New Yorkers. Perhaps it's just another reason to party or perhaps it's the escapist fantasy aspect that allows us to escape every day life for just a brief moment. Whatever the reasons I've been having fun dressing up the last four years and I've realized that it's not always an individual costume that can make for the most fabulous of times but a group effort that amazes you with the impact.

I was lucky this year to have my amazing friends so excited to transform together with into a Jem and the Holograms childhood fantasy come to life. We actually had about all the main characters down with the exception of Pizazz and Eric Raymond.

Introducing: Kimber, Aja, Jem, Shana (of Jem and the Holograms) and Stormer and Roxy (of The Misfits)

Plus what would a band be without a trusty Manager? Rio in the House :)

This was a DIY costume that involved much Ebay shopping, a little bit of crafting and some intense eye make up. Truly, truly, truly Outrageous!

Jem Star Earrings - DIY Cardstock, colored with marker, painted with nail polish, sprinkled with glitter and glued with rhinestones
Lurex Tights - Ebay
Glitter Mic - Halloween O Store
Pink Wig - Ebay but gave myself a nice haircut
Silver Jem Belt - DIY glued pieces of Grosgrain on an obi belt, bought decorative ribbon and uncurled it with my finger nail, then taped on the ribbon using masking tape.
Silver Studded Purse - Betsey Johnson
Studded Shoes - Nine West Zola, Courtesy of Nine West
Leather Jacket - Jodi Arnold
Dress - Jones New York, hemmed much shorter


Heather said...

O hey you guys were in my neck of the woods!!! Great costumes!

chibi said...

You look great.
I love all of the costumes.
I remember watching the cartoon.
They should rerun it on tv.

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