Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Site to Watch: I-ELLA.com

I-ELLA, is a new invite-only online marketplace to buy, borrow, swap and sell - "like Gilt-meets-Ebay with a charity component." The site launches later this week on Thursday, September 9th.

Buying and selling is similar to the eBay model. Sellers set their own price, and I-ELLA keeps a percentage of the transaction. I-ELLA keeps 10% and donates 10% of their fee to charities selected by buyers.

Items can also be borrowed for a week or a month. And like with selling, the lender sets the price and I-ELLA keeps 10% of the transaction fee and donates 10% of that fee to a charity selected by the borrower.

And probably the most incredible deal, items can be swapped for a flat rate of $5. And 10% of the five dollars will be donated to charities selected by recipients.

I-ELLA will also feature celebrity auctions. Whitney Port and Veronica Webb will be kicking off the site launch, donating pieces from their closet to benefit their primary charities.

I'm pretty excited to check out the site, and I'm looking forward to see what people list in the marketplace after it launches. If you'd like to request a membership, visit i-ella.com.

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