Thursday, September 30, 2010

Now Wearing...

My friend James and I were walking around my neighborhood, and this old abandoned-looking house caught his attention. He suggested I stand next to it for outfit photos. I think you can tell from the photos; I was kind of nervous.

Yay, home sweet home! Back on my doorsteps. I recently moved to a new apartment, which has more space, but no closets. Not a single closet in the whole darn place, so I've been living out of boxes and bags for the past month! I know it might sound dramatic, but I really think I might lose it if I don't resolve this soon. Wish me luck, I'm hitting up Ikea this weekend.

Red rain coat - Target
Black & cream striped top - Zara
Denim skirt - secondhand (I detached it from this old dress)
Black snakeskin flats - Kelsi Dagger
Bow headband - Forever 21


sunny said...

The color combination of this outfit is stunning. You would make an excellent and highly trusted/respected stylist! What is your profession by day, anyway?

Caroline said...

super cute pics and great outfit! i love your hair by the way!

Lani Love said...

thanks for the kind notes!

sunny, you're so sweet. i like daydream about life as a stylist. ;) my really expertise is branding and marketing. i work during the day as a strategic/creative planner at an advertising agency.

Morgan Ahlborn said...

Ikea has fairly cheap wardrobe racks that I've seen. Your bedroom can be your closet! No biggie ;)

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