Monday, July 26, 2010

Now Wearing...

It's been crazy hot in the city lately and it's taken some of my joy out of dressing as I can barely stand anything against my skin aside from loose fitting cottons. For the first time probably since I've been an infant I've broken out in heat rash and had to start using baby powder to keep my skin from freaking out. Fortunately rainstorms today have taken some of the heat out the air and I'm dancing with joy as I feel happy that I can wear half my wardrobe again. Welcome back silk, hello jersey perchance we meet again for at least a short while!

On the plus side, hot weather has taught me how to fishtail braid my hair! Having no sisters growing up, or friends with long hair, I never learned this one until recently. I still hope I can learn to do a french braid sometime but for now a fishtail will suffice! I can't make it perfect but I sort of like the casual loose feel of this braid better anyways.

Gingham Dress - Betsey Johnson
Tank Top - LnA
Cameo Necklace - Dominique Cohen for Target
Belt - No Name
Socks - Uniqlo
Stacked Heel Platform Sandals - Delman
Square Purse - Miu Miu

Photography by James S. Rand


Anonymous said...

isnt it even hotter in the socks?

Erin said...

Rain made the day feel like 68 so it was ok ;-)

Anonymous said...

great! good fix for one of those chillier days!

shana said...

great pictures! i still feel like i can't properly braid my hair. sigh..

Anonymous said...

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