Thursday, July 8, 2010

Now Wearing...

Cream lace dress - H&M (it's basically a muumuu)
Nude crossbody bag - Botkier Venice Feed Bag
Purple snakeskin flats - Kelsi Dagger
Studded watch cuff & rings - no name
The heat wave in NY is truly unbearable right now, and I learned the hard way about tar roofs. Top floor apartments in buildings with tar roofs absorb heat throughout the day and that heat later comes beating down in the evening. It is so intense!

In efforts to cope with the heat, I've been wearing a lot of loose airy tops and dresses like this lace number. But when it's this hot, it doesn't matter what you're wearing; you will be uncomfortable. I was riding my bike through the neighborhood in the evening and I laughed like a crazy person because the breeze felt like bus exhaust. Sigh, love hate this city. Remember to drink lots of water!

Photography by Randy Smith

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