Friday, July 15, 2011

Love at First Blush

A couple weeks ago I met the creator of Love at First Blush - Sabrina Chin, who created a collection of leather cuffs and statement accessories. Each piece is handmade in Montreal by the designer herself.

Rooted in traditional craftsmanship, folklore and modern techniques, the brand utilizes traditional paper cutting techniques on leather. Her pieces are flirty, romantic, whimsical and provocatively edgy all at the same time!

The collection is currently made up of necklaces, arm cuffs and bracelet cuffs which come in an assortment of colors and cutout shapes. Not only is Sabrina great with leather but she works wonders with chains. I broke one of my accessories a while ago in a tired frenzy trying to take it off my wrist and Sabrina helped me fix it in no time flat! Amazing!

Like all great accessories, versatility is key and Chin's products are just that. From the boudoir, to a stroll in the park, to a night out, her pieces have you covered. They transition easily from one setting to the other and are soft enough to add a feminine flare to your outfit while giving you an edgy appeal that isn't over-the-top.

The above feather necklaces are crafted out of leather and have a metal wire running through the center which allows you to bend and shape the feather into whatever position you like. Another great addition to these necklaces are adjustable chains which (16"-20") which enables you to customize the placement and modify your look.

Priced between $30 and $85, her accessories won't break the bank and will definitely ramp up any outfit! Her pieces are currently sold online and you can check it out here.

Bird in Flight black leather cuff


Love at First Blush said...

Thank you for the feature!! Love the blog! If only I lived in NY, I could enjoy all of the sample sales listed. :)

Anonymous said...

so pretty!!

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