Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Now Wearing...

Navajo print dress - Steven Alan
Nude crossbody bag - Botkier Venice Feed Bag
Wood cutout wedges - Target from a few years ago
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Studded leather cuff - Linea Pelle
Tan skinny belt & wood ring - secondhand
As I wrote on Twitter the other day, spring in New York is heavenly and summer is hell. The other night I couldn't sleep because my apartment was so hot I was sweating the entire night. Gross. Time to install an AC unit.

When it's hot out, I find myself wearing a lot of dresses. They're just so much easier and more comfortable than pants. This dress is one of my favorites. I usually wear it with some sort of skinny belt or sash to give it a little shape.

The belt was a thrift find. It's actually a size XL, so it loops around me one and a half times. I usually push the buckle to the side to "hide" it and tuck the extra length in front, so it looks a bit like a double belt.

And lastly the shoes, they're just a pair of $24.99 wedges I bought from Target a few years ago. I'm surprised they've lasted me this long. The thought crossed my mind to get them resoled because I love them so much, but the pleather is starting to peel. So my plan is to wear them into the ground and part with them at the end of summer - which will help me with my goal of trimming down my shoe collection. Whoo!
Photography by Randy Smith
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