Monday, June 28, 2010

Now Wearing...

I bought these cargo shorts at the Charlotte Ronson sale a few weeks back and I love them because they had a very military sort of feel without being too literal. Anyways decided to pair them with some "tough" accessories and a simple yet interesting tank. Btw this braided pony tail has become my hot weather hair of choice! What do you think? Lani told me it reminds her of video game hair!

Cutout Racer Tank - Alexander Wang
Cargo Shorts - Charlotte Ronson
Studded Cuff - Linea Pella, gift from Lucky Mag
Leather Satchel - Botkier Tao Convertible
Eagle Ring - Fallon
Platform Sandals - Delman
Nails/Toes - OPI Meet Me on the Star Ferry (Hong Kong Collection)
Shoe Chains - DIY
Photography by James S. Rand


Debie said...

Fierce! I love the look, esp the shoes!

cousin mgk said...

i dig the shorts! come home, sweetie, come home, we miss you and you have to get face time with our little mandoo boy. he sang an Oasis song to me on the phone the other day and i died.

Erin said...

Aww thanks Debie <3

MGK i miss you and mandoo boy too!!! I cannot believe he sang you Oasis! I die! Now that I have my passport in order I do have to plan a trip!

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