Monday, May 10, 2010

Visit: Single Fare

On the weekend I had a chance to drop by the Single Fare Exhibition in Williamsburg.

Art student, Imogen Slater, wasn't able to leave her apartment when she ran out of surfaces to paint on for an assignment. Slater discovered a pile of used Metrocards and created mini paintings to complete her assignment. Her professor, Jean-Pierre Roy, was inspired and wanted to take the idea further and ended up casting an open call for artists. In the end, Metrocards became the canvas for over 500 artists who participated in the show. The cards covered the walls and were priced to sell at a very wallet friendly $50 a pop. Although there were over 750 cards, by the end of the night red dots were all over the walls!

Honestly, I've never purchased art as it always felt like something I should do one day and currently my budget tends to lead me to buy accessories rather than artwork but it's definitely something I should consider especially when it's within reach. I think I've always appreciated art, but on an everyday basis appearances are what get you noticed in the fashion industry and so my priorities are slanted for now.

It was fun to see how differently artists treated the same humble piece of plastic and created such a variety of textures and imagery. As with all artwork, it is very personal and I found some pieces to be amazing while other pieces weren't exactly my personal taste, but I really did enjoy seeing it all. If you are in the area you should definitely check it out!

Single Fare, now until May 12, 2010. noon-6pm. 224 Grand Street, Williamsburg (b/n Driggs & Roebling)

bottom image courtesy of single fare


Anonymous said...

what a fun idea!

Anonymous said...

wasn't unable?

Erin said...

thank you! i really need to stop and go to sleep when i'm tired :)

cousin mgk said...

ooh. stuff like this is what you can't find anywhere else. thanks for sharing -- i would have loved to have seen this.
yes, please do take good care of yourself, you are irreplaceable Miss Erin. health first! xoxo

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