Sunday, March 14, 2010

Now Wearing...

I really wanted to wear these ballet flats as they make me think of Cher's outfit Clueless (one of my guilty pleasures). Had to keep the outfit simple but wanted to tie it in by a hit of orange on my necklace.

Leopard Skirt Tank Dress - Amanda Uprichard
Tights - Henry Holland for Pretty Polly
Necklace - Twinkle by Wenlan
Plaid Ballet Flats - Delman
Headband - Colette Malouf


Anonymous said...

i love those tights! ever since i first saw them i've loved them. such a quaint little design. like 1950s meets raunchy.

Erin said...

thanks so much! i was pretty obsessed and ended up ordering them from England! Fortunately I found a free shipping code :)

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