Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Siki Im Fall 2011

Native American meets pilgrim meets goth = Siki Im's Fall 2011 collection. The presentation was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion and was more reminiscent of a runway show than a presentation which was nice. Earth, spirituality and Native American themes were prevalent while the inspiration for the collection came from the works of Maria Martinez - a Native American potter.

A figure 8 type path was laid out in dirt where the models made their way one by one accompanied by Native American traditional drumming and song - kind of like a pow-wow.

The collection itself was on the heavier side composed of structural pieces and layers to mimic the darkness of winter. While not as "architectural" as his former collections, the construction of Siki's work remains at the forefront of his garments and is one of his biggest assets.

One of the things I noticed was the play on proportions on the pants. Various lengths, cuts, and fits from flood length trousers to leggings and kilts were utilized and layered together to create varying looks.

Siki also enlisted the help of Thnibba Naataanii on a selection of hand woven rugs and kilts. The rugs used as shawls were beautifully constructed with deep earthy tones that popped out against the black backdrops.

(images courtesy of WWD)
Overall, the collection was cohesive and presented in such a way that heightened and enhanced the themes of the collection. Meticulous detailing with respect to the clothing, the earth lined runway and traditional music all played a part in achieving uniformity.

My friends couldn't resist stepping in the dirt after the show was over!

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