Monday, February 8, 2010

Now Wearing...

Black puffy coat - Calvin Klein
Cream knit hat - vintage
Cream scarf - Kenneth Cole
Acid wash jeans - Criminal Damage UK
Metallic mini crossbody bag - Madewell
Brown boots - Sporto
Not the most fashionable outfit, but I was going for practical and warm! Over the weekend I did a weekend trip to Vermont to celebrate the birthdays of two lovely ladies, Adette and Erica. We rented a two-story house for sixteen people, and it was awesome!

Vermont, as one would expected, was very cold! I layered up like there as no tomorrow, and I was still lost feeling in my limbs. It wasn't so bad when the sun was out, but once it got dark, I had to run for shelter.

These glittens, fingerless gloves/mittens, are the handiest things ever. They're perfect for texting and staying warm. They're a no name pair I bought for $5 at a random shop in Brooklyn.

I originally found these little boots while shopping for waterproof shoes on Piperlime. They were out of my size, so I headed over to where there was exactly one pair left and it was in my size! I just checked Zappos again, and it looks like they now have a 8.5 pair left if anyone needs.

I love that these boots are WATERPROOF SUEDE. What? Yes, it's true. I've worn them on a few rainy days, and they've held up. I think nothing beats wellies for floods, but for days with light rain or snow, these aren't a bad choice. My only complaint is that they aren't very warm, surprising considering the faux-fur trim.

Vermont was the perfect little getaway before Fashion Week. I shall leave you with a couple pictures - the trees and one of the most intense sunsets I've ever seen.

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Alice said...

I like puffer coats :) Great monochrome look!

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