Thursday, January 7, 2010

Preview: FIFA Clothing Launch

Last month, Lani and I had the chance to preview an exciting new launch event for both the world of soccer (football) and for apparel. FIFA, otherwise known as the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, has decided to launch as a clothing collection. Actually a series of 5 separate ranges that each serve a unique clientele: 1904, Editions, Code, Essentials and Event.

Truthfully, I am not the biggest sports fan, but every four years the energy of the World Cup totally draws me in and I learn the rules of the game over again.

The first event we attended was hosted by renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson and held at August. August was beautiful restaurant, we loved the back patio and the food, however if you ever go there, be warned the staircase to the bathroom is extremely perilous especially if you've had a glass of wine ;)

Marcus was such a sweety and I discovered an avid soccer fan and supporter of Africa's very first hosting of the World Cup! Bonus? Marcus being a blissfully happy newlywed shared pictures of his recent wedding in Ethiopia!

We got a chance to see the clothes up close and the feel the quality!

The second event we attended was hosted at the South African Consulate. I learned so many things about South African culture. It's extremely rude to whistle! South Africa produces great white wine! They are toting the Diski dance to be the new Macarena!

As for the clothes:

The range 1904 is a Heritage range that celebrates the year when FIFA was first established in Europe. The styling is very Collegiate and references what players wore on and off the field. It has a very preppy/sport vibe that is in the Ralph Lauren/Ralph Lauren Rugby sort of vein. The finishes are a contrast between refined pieces and ones that have a slightly rugged worn in feel. This range is for men only.

The Editions range celebrates the winning nations of previous World Cups from present times dating back into the 1930s. These are influenced by team kits and include apparel for men and women in addition to accessories. My personal fave part of the Editions range is the authentic replica tee's from the 70s & the 90s. They are a bit kitschy but also a lot of fun!

The Code range is inspired by urban street football and South Africa (the host nation for the 2010 World Cup). It has a very contemporary feel with it's bright colors that incorporate South African Bantu Art into the graphic motifs. I really think the Graphic Tees & Hoodies are quite fun. I believe this range is for men only.

The Essentials range is in essence the most straight-forward and least fashion forward. Taking classic sweats, tees and polo's and incorporating the FIFA logo.

Finally my favorite range is probably the Event. This range celebrates the action and excitement of the coming World cup in South Africa with dynamic colors and bold patterns. I am in particular love with the short sleeve jacket and the the jersey keyhole dress is pretty sweet!!!
Total Apparel Group (TAG) is the US distributor for the FIFA Collections. The FIFA collections are expected to be available in more than 100 FIFA Official Stores and in FIFA-branded retail spaces worldwide from August 2009 onwards. For now though select merchandise is available on the Fifa Store Online.

What do you think of the collections?


shana said...

I agree with you. I never really follow sports, but I get pulled in every few years by the excitement of it all. But if I had to follow one sport, it would definately be soccer. and a big plus, soccer players have hot bodies. hahah

Anonymous said...

That keyhole dress is pretty hot!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

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