Thursday, January 28, 2010

Now Wearing...

Assymetric Hoodie - Rick Owens Lab
Scoop Neck Tank - LNA
Zip Front Skirt - Richard Chai for Target
Stirrup Leggings - French Connetion
Over the Knee Boots - Delman
Leaf Pave Necklace - Rachel Leigh
Printed Coin Scarf - Vintage
Floral Headband - Colette Malouf


Alice said...

I love asymmetry in clothes and hoods have always been my soft spot. Great outfit!

Karafina said...

loving your over the knee boots... still haven't found a pair! =(

Erin said...

Thanks Alice! I love asymmetry too :)

Karafina, I hope that you find a good pair soon!

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