Thursday, November 12, 2009

Store Opening: Gap's 1969 Soho Store

I checked out Gap 1969's store opening today, Nylon Magazine hosted the event and had DJ Cassidy and TV/TV performing. It was a fun time with Mojitos and brownies being served :)

Meanwhile this new Soho Location on 538 Broadway was meticulously organized, spacious and bright. According to the sales girl this store difffers as it looks to serve up primarily outerwear and denim. And yes indeed there was denim, an entire wall at that! But they had other merch too including accessories and lots of plaid shirts, chunky sweaters and everything you need to layer with them like circle scarves, henleys and vests.

This store looks def cleaner with a pared down and more focused offering of the regular merch. The silk blouse pictured above gave me more of a J.Crew vibe while everything else felt more rugged Americana.

Surprise shopper? Emmy Rossum who looked vaguely familiar to me as camera crews proceeded to chase her through the store as she perused. The line was around the block by the time I was leaving at 8:45pm.

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