Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Now Wearing...

Striped blazer - XOXO, from high school... haha
Black jersey dress - H&M
Ripped tights - Calvin Klein/DIY
Purple/maroon suede ankle boots - Marc Jacobs
Black woven bag - Gryson for Target
Multi-color tie-dye scarf - vintage
Jewelry - secondhand, no name & Forever 21
It's so funny how this blazer has stayed with me for so many years! I bought it back in high school for leadership conferences, and I contemplated throwing it out on numerous occasions but kept it every time because I loved the texture and fit of this jacket.
I've also debated parting ways with these boots in parring down my closet, but I decided to keep these because they're my only ankle booties and have a lot of sentimental value.

I bought them three years ago with my friend Stephy at a random discount designer shoe store in Orange County. I believe the clientele consisted only of older women, so these booties were on super clearance. There were exactly two pairs left, a bright purple pair in her size and a subdued purple in mine, and the next day, after an 8 hour day of school work, we drove up in the dark of night with our new shoes to San Francisco for grad school/job interviews. Every time I wear these shoes I feel a little nostalgic and I reflect on how much my life has changed. Wow, all this from a pair of shoes.


Stephy Pool said...

I walked 8 hours in those shoes through the hills of San Francisco, drunk from 3 days without sleep. I can't part with them. <3

lixung said...

Oooh, hot! Love the color flow!

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