Monday, November 16, 2009

Now Wearing...

Black & white floral print cardigan - Merona, Target
Animal print tunic/dress - Emma Cook for TopShop
Skinny jeans - Uniqlo
Black pointy toe flats - secondhand Matt Bernson sample
Chain strap bag - Kooba
Rings & bangles - Forever 21 & secondhand

In the video, I said the pockets hit me at the waist. I meant hips! It hits me at the hips, which is even worse because with my big hips any extra bulk equal death. And since the dress is a bit long on me, it looked super frumpy.

I should have titled this video "How to make a dress into a tunic just 30 seconds". My friend Joanna gave me a call to say she was downstairs and taking a walk around the neighborhood, and so I had literally only a few minutes to get ready. I started with the dress because I love the print, realized it just wasn't going to work as a dress, so pulled it up and put on jeans to make it a tunic. Then I added the cardigan for warmth and piled on my usual accessories.

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