Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday 2009 at H&M

Are you prepared for Black Friday? I'm not sure I am! Being a Canadian transplant in NYC the whole experience is a little new to me! I suppose it's a lot like Boxing day but earlier and crazier. An ideal time to pick up Christmas gifts or electronics! My first year here I did wake up at 7am to hit the stores but wasn't impressed by what I found and have since relegated myself to shopping DVDs at Target.

But for those of you who's thrill is in the chase H&M has some pretty sweet deals this Friday and the earlier you get there the better! Most H&M stores will open at 6am; some will open as early as 5am. It might even entice me to get out of bed ;) Who doesn't need a $15 party dress?

H&M Black Friday Specials:
25% off any item of your choice from opening until 10AM
Fashion finds starting at $5 (example pricing included below)
Select outerwear styles at 50% percent off

Example pricing:
Knitted shrugs from $24.95 to $5.00
Knitted dresses from $34.95 to $10.00
Party dresses from $39.95 to $15.00

Patterned shirts from $29.95 to $10.00
Merino wool sweaters from $39.95 to $15.00
Knit pullovers from $24.95 to $10.00

Little girls sweaters $17.95 to $5.00
Little Boys trousers from $17.95 to $5.00

Winter knit accessories $14.95 to $5.00

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Iole said...

I'd love to come to!!!

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